COVID-19 Prevention

The Corona Virus is still running rampant, and it is important that we all take precautions to protect ourselves and each other. Jar Bar Confections has some implemented rules in order to do so.

 All jars are washed in the dishwasher (separate from anything else). Once taken out they are soaked in bleach water for five minutes, then hand washed (with gloves on) before being used to package the cakes. 

When baking is underway a hairnet, gloves, and mask are all used and worn. Gloves are kept on for packaging as well. 

When customers come to pick up you must stay in your car, and it is highly encouraged that you wear a mask. Cakes will be brought out to you with the handler also wearing a mask and gloves for the exchange. 

In the matter of deliveries, the delivery person will be equipped with a mask and gloves to minimize the risk of any potential contact. It is highly encouraged for the recipient to also wear a mask during the exchange.

It is very important to us that we minimize any potential for contact as much as possible until the virus is under control. Until then, thank you so much for abiding by the precautions and keeping everyone safe!