These are a few of the events I have had the privilege of catering for. Please feel free to scroll through the pictures!

Remember, if you would like an event catered, please contact me via email, phone, or DM me on Instagram at least two weeks ahead of time. Your cake choices are not limited to what is provided on the website; if you would like a flavor not advertised tell me and I would be more than happy to provide! 

Retirement Party 

For the party I was given the task of choosing a cake flavor that would appease both adults and the children (a difficult task indeed). But I brainstormed and prevailed! I chose a simple chocolate cake, layered with a chocolate peanut butter fudge. The ribbon and decoration choice were up to me as well and I am happy that everything (the taste, ribbon colors, and decoration) was loved by everyone. 


Baby Shower

The customer chose the cake flavors and told me the gender of the baby and that was it. This was definitely a fun experience when it came to picking out the decoration and the ribbon. She loved the end product and that is all I hope for: the cake to be delicious and the decorations to bring out smiles!

Wedding Shower

The customer had heard about us through a friend and, simply through the good word, decided to order our cakes for her wedding shower. She chose to do four different flavors and requested that the ribbon match the theme of cranberry and gold. She left the flavor choices and decoration up to me and absolutely loved the end result. These are definitely my most sophisticated looking cakes yet!


I have had the wonderful privilege to cater for weddings. The first bride had a unique request. She already had a main dessert and wanted an 8" semi-naked cake for her and her to-be husband to cut into. This was a challenge I was more than happy to accept. The cake was chocolate with a homemade strawberry filling between the two layers. It was a successful experience and it opened up more opportunities for me to make full round cakes. 

The second wedding I had the opportunity to cater for wanted the regular jars. They requested for the flavors to match their theme, ribbon to match their colors, and for the chocolate piece to resemble bacon as that was their last name. The cake was apple pie flavored with caramel frosting. This was my first big event, and I couldn't be happier to have experienced it. A wedding guest was kind enough to take a picture of how it was set up and send it to me!

The third wedding that was a recent experience, was a beautiful, small backyard wedding. The bride requested 60 jars, 30 strawberry shortcake and 30 caramel apple pie, along with a small 6in cake for the bride and groom to cut into. This was a big order, but I am always up to the task. The jars and cake came out wonderfully!

The last wedding, I did was on the same day as the previous one. It was a bit stressful, but it gave me a look into how I would handle things when the business starts to take off a bit. This bride asked for a chocolate cake with strawberry filling. She wanted chocolate frosting which gives it a nontraditional look that I absolutely love. She had seen my other work and loved the chocolate drip look, so I incorporated that as well as a simple clean border to tie it all together.



The birthday that have done have all specifically requested full cakes for their parties.

The first was an 8" cake. The customer had ordered the Caramel Apple jars before and wanted a full cake of that flavor. And so, I provided the apple pie cake with caramel frosting and an apple pie filling to go between the cake layers. Decorations were up to me, and I was more than happy to get my creative juices flowing!

The second birthday was a 6" cake. I was told that the man who the cake was for is the drummer in a band; I was also given his business logo, asked to put the name of his business on the cake and I was given the age he was turning. I took the information and decided to create a fondant drum set, and music notes, make the business name out of fondant and create a green chocolate drip to match his logo. The cake flavor requested was Boston Creme. This, so far, is one of my favorite experiences!

The third cake was one that was completely up to me. I was told to choose my favorite cake of all time and make them a 6in cake of it. That was the end of their request. This made me both nervous and excited as I have no idea what the customer is going to think of my favorite flavor nor any clue on what to do for decorations. In the end I decided to make them an apple cider cake with bourbon-cinnamon frosting. I also experimented with gum paste for the first time and created gum paste flowers, dusting them with gold. I am super happy on how it all turned out and the customers contacted me again to let me know that the apple cider bourbon cake is now their own favorite too!

Corporate Events

I had been given the amazing opportunity to market my business even more by catering for a networking event for my local bank, Lyons National Bank. Many people from the community were present and by the end of the night there were no more cakes left! I am super proud that the cakes were a hit with everyone present.

Christmas Party

I have recently catered Kinney Drugs' employee Christmas Party. I made them a few of my new holiday flavors that were loved as always by the wonderful Kinney's Staff. One of the Pharmacists contacted me a few weeks later and told me that he loved the gingerbread jars so much he wanted a full cake of it! decorations were once again, up to me and so I decided on something cute, simple, and Christmas themed: candy canes!